Regional Sales Director

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - any major USA City, any major hub

Role: Enterprise Account Executive

Location: any major USA hub

Solution: Enterprise Sales Enablement and Performance Management SaaS solutions

Compensation: competitive

Quota: $1m

Solution’s Unique attributes:

  • Platform is agonistic and is proven to easily integrate with multiple CRM systems, not just or Microsoft
  • Automates the process of ingesting multiple sources of prospect communication, i.e., emails, CC email contacts, calendar and invite information, voice calls, texting data, etc. to automatically populate the events, people, roles, etc. into the CRM system, and creates a real time dash board (color coded, role based, etc.) of the frequency, quality (inbound versus outbound, phone versus in-person), and recency of communications with key prospect players in a deal. Enabling sales and sales leadership to spend less time with data entry and more time adjusting their strategy and communications for success
  • Score cards prospect’s behavior, company size, and personnel titles, etc., to compare prospect to ideal profile … helping sales and sales management see the fit and quality of each prospect and the total pipeline
  • Proven to be the best at helping sales and sales leadership to engage analytics and machine learning to create real time visibility (heat maps) into prospects, salespeople, and deals that require attention, and provides recommendations.
  • Visualizes opportunity and account situations to more easily interpret and share their status, and helps create more accurate and accountable forecasts
  • Focuses and scores sales top opportunities (based on team criteria)
  • Recommends who to follow up with, content to send, and next steps to take.
  • Sales can identify and retrieve content that is most relevant to prospect’s interests, and have it displayed in a Google like fashion, including highlights of relevant material supporting its relevance to the request
  • Video content is transcribed enabling search on expressed words, and retrieval of that content that cuts to exact portion that is most relevant to the prospect’s interests
  • Content is distributed via URL’s and microsites that are easy for prospects to access and review.
  • Salespeople are informed when a prospect opens the shared content, and will also inform sales as to previously unknown prospect contacts who may have received (from the known prospect candidate) and opened the content. This helps identify additional contacts important to the prospect’s decision-making process.
  • Sales and sales leadership have a real time dashboard of the quantity, quality, and mix of sales activities by prospect, to insure the proper balance (all phone? Too many low non-influential contacts, no discussion of required POC outcomes and next steps with true decision makers, etc.)
  • Sales Leadership and operations can easily add required prospect personnel into the visualization model

Compensation: competitive

Why they beat the globally recognized competitors 2/3 of the time:

  • Superior analytics and prescriptive sales workflow
  • Highly competent and committed Sales Engineering team. Xtra Effort met them at their HQ four years ago. We are delighted to see they continue to remain committed to individual and company growth in 2019
  • Completeness of the solution
  • Gartner has provided rave reviews for their ability to deliver on time and what was promised
  • Many Fortune 100 companies use them and rave about them, i.e., Bank of NY, Siemens, UBS, McKesson, DHL, Ameriprise, Suntrust, AMD, Analog Devices,
  • Extensive commitment to R&D and innovation; Strong ability to predict market needs
  • Platform enables customers to access functionality in increments, depending on the need
  • Deep funding and revenue streams to support continuous investment in product innovation, marketing, and sales support


  • 20 Years in business
  • Profitable
  • Sample clients: Bank of NY, Siemens, UBS, McKesson, DHL, Ameriprise, Suntrust, AMD, Analog Devices,



  • Work hard/play hard
  • High trust
  • Give back to the community
  • Driven
  • High sense of urgency
  • Work/Life balance
  • Creative
  • Collaborative
  • Unlimited vacation and personal time
  • CEO fosters an open-door policy; subordinate ideas are often implemented; motivating. Each employee makes a difference

Candidate Criteria:

  • Recent and consistent experience reaching quota
  • Experienced prospecting and qualifying net new accounts
  • Have recent and material experience selling marketing or sales SaaS solutions into Fortune 1000 B2B accounts
  • Career stability, not too many job changes


Posted On: Sunday, October 27, 2019
Compensation: $140,000.00

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