Sales, Team Lead, Player Coach Boston: selling mobile CRM platform

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Boston, MA

Location: Boston

Role: Sales, Team Lead (Player coach with individual contributor quota responsibilities)


Solution:mobile technology proven to reliably and flawlessly deliver mission critical CRM functionality into the field; including – but not limited to – simplifying complex field operations for users and customers who are remote and offline.

Clients can choose software which includes purpose-built applications for field service, inspections, sales, questionnaires, route automation; and/or a platform to easily develop and securely deploy custom mobile applications

Most common vertical focus (but not exclusive to these industries): utilities, manufacturing, facility and property management, energy

Company Attributes:

-Over 20 years in operation


-Over 2500 clients


-Continuous and heavy investment in leading edge technology innovation

-Strategic partnerships with proven integration with Microsoft and

-Vibrant and active relationships with global and boutique integration firms, resulting in substantial qualified leads

-Considerable investment in demand generation, i.e., Marketo, B2B online marketing, and local internal resource dedicated to qualifying leads

-Recognized for having thought leadership in the mobile CRM technology segment

-Reputation for providing solutions that tangibly and favorably impact the everyday lives of their customers and recipients of required field service

-Culture: authentic, supportive, and friendly

-Heavy and ongoing investment in informing the marketplace of their customer successes though compelling, credible, and detailed case studies that include customers’ industry/challenges/solutions/technologies/ROI


Solution’s competitive advantages:

-Over 20 years of intense dedication to producing delighted customers with obvious ROI

-Proven to scale (horizontally via many unique use cases, and vertically with several concurrent users in remote locations)

-Proven to be super reliable

-Can be easily deployed to address specific business needs, or be used as a platform to create custom mobile applications

-Enjoy a favorable reputation among clients and partners as having best in class technology and support


Responsibilities, quota, territory, compensation, travel, and required attributes:

-Sell $500k+- as your own personal, individual quota, through approximately 50% prospecting, 25% qualified leads from marketing and the channel, 25% to 100+-assigned existing clients

- Have considerable ownership over the hiring and development of new sales hires (no more than a few for the first 1-2 years; with company growth, the role could lead to a dedicated leadership position with 5+ direct reports)

- Identify, document, and teach best practices related to vertical and product specific messaging, internal collaboration, and channel relations

-Compensation: $80k to $110k base salary, $160k to $220k On Target Earnings (no cap), and a competitive benefits package;  commissions from your own personal sales are independent of additional performance-based compensation based on team sales results

-Territory: geographic, the assigned specific regions are to be determined

-Travel: infrequent, limited to 1 – 2 trips per quarter for industry events

-Required candidate attributes and experience:

  • Sales career stability, infrequent job changes.
  • History of quota attainment
  • Experienced in being responsible for prospect’s business /functional level needs assessment
  • Self-motivated, self-directed
  • Adaptive to change, not flustered by change (ideally have smaller company experience)
  • Can contribute to developing best practices and resources (sales materials, sales messaging) required for personal and team success (ideally have smaller company experience)
  • Experienced in prospecting, qualifying, and closing net new business
  • Team oriented, unselfish, have the desire and inclination to help other sales and non-sales team members reach customer and company goals
  • Formal or informal experience mentoring and leading other professionals
  • Ok during the first three months of employment with frequent commute to office, located five minutes west of downtown Boston.
  • Ok with consistent but pragmatic approach to having a 2-3 days per week in office presence after the first three months of employment. Team lead would have more required office presence than individual contributor. (don’t need to commute during “rush hours” with the exception of participating in required preset meetings)
  • Ideally have experience selling solutions related to field service, inspections, sales, questionnaires, route automation; and/orselling solutions to the utilities, manufacturing, facility and property management, energy industries

 Training: comprehensive product training at local Boston office

 Why this company and role may be compelling to you:

-Existing clients: Opportunity to near immediately generate sales, and hone your sales messaging and needs discovery skills

-Opportunity to develop yourself as a formal leader

-Achievable year after year sales goals with attractive compensation plan

-Software is NEEDED, proven to WORK, and has a TANGIBLE and FAVORABLE impact on users/clients’ customers/enterprise objectives

-Excellent product training for sales

-Chance to make a visible contribution to a financially stable but modest sized company’s aggressive growth

-Supportive and friendly culture

-Attractive sales support with qualified leads

-Robust and lead producing partners whose client influence is strong

-Highly reference worthy client base


Sales cycles 3-4 months to up to a 18 months (large global deals). On average, 4-5 months.

Subscriptions: 12 months

Posted On: Friday, February 14, 2020
Compensation: $105,000.00

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