Sales/Business Development, Enterprise SaaS solutions. Greater Chicago

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Chicago, IL

(Xtra Effort helped this client hire their sales leader. He has a favorable reputation for industry knowledge, exceptional sales results, and an effective/fair/motivating leadership style)

Compensation: competitive

Solution offering: Trade Promotion Management and pricing SaaS to help CPG companies improve return on investment in “Trade Spend”, incentives, coupons, local advertising, etc.. Improved timeliness and accuracy in seeing what trade spend is worthwhile and where to adjust to improve ROI


  • Recognized as industry thought leader
  • Operating since 2000
  • Customer’s publicly speak of achieving the following outcomes with our client’s SaaS offering: More profitable pricing, easier and faster to make more profitable decisions, reduced rebate payments, easy to use, reduced administration costs
  • Solutions scale up and down, from middle market to global enterprises
  • Company is growing organically through effective sales, and through acquiring competitors
  • Exceptional references! Tyson, Welch’s, Nestle, Ken’s, Mars, Kellogg’s, Conagra, Land O Lakes, General Mills, Perdue, Hormel, Smucker’s

Target audience: CPG finance, marketing, operations, sales

Competition: incomplete/insufficient ERP systems, select purpose-built direct competitors, and the displacement of internally strung together solutions


Why the solutions, role, and company are compelling

  • Company growth can lead to career opportunities in Sales, Sales Operations, or BDR/SDR management
  • Impressive customer list, i.e., Nestle, Tyson, Butterball, Rich Products, Kraft, Conagra, Smithfield, Heinz, Pilgrims, Smuckers, Nathan’s Famous, Ken’s Goods, Unilever, Perdue Farms, Mars, Hormel, Land O Lakes, etc.
  • Are effective in incorporating their impressive clients’ feedback into new product functionality
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • High touch, effective user training and customer service
  • Team members come from the CPG industry, very experienced with deep domain expertise
  • Superior analytics
  • Double-digit growth for both revenue and earnings.
  • Company is highly regarded and known within thin growing niche. Deep industry expertise
  • Well-funded, financially stable
  • Accomplished, proven, and smart leadership team
  • Board that is supportive of growth
  • Very high customer satisfaction and retention

Candidate Criteria:

  • 1-2+ years of B2B enterprise SaaS business development/sales development experience
  • Experienced in outbound sales campaigns, including targeting appropriate enterprise decision makers; defining cadence/timing of calls, emails, etc.
  • Experienced in qualifying and documenting a prospect’s readiness to buy, decision making process (timing, people), budget, etc.
  • Experienced with the use of; including documenting your account profiling results in
  • Experienced in collaborating with field sales, including scheduling appointments, defining/adjusting prospects and contact targets, debriefing on what is working and not working, sales messaging, etc.
  • A track record of reaching assigned performance metrics, i.e., # of appointments for the field, contribution to deals closed, etc.
  • Sufficient business acumen to learn via (professional probing) and discuss a prospect’s priorities, and current ways of performing their business functions and workflows. Can feedback to the prospect what you heard about their needs, in both writing and orally
  • Can explain your solution’s competitive advantages and how they align to your prospect’s stated needs
  • Can balance the need to be efficient with time and be detailed and thorough; while also being likable, prepared, and professional when talking with prospects. AKA, DON’T WANTS ROBOTS. DON’T WANT pure SCHMOOZER’S WITH NO PROCESS :)

Posted On: Sunday, December 29, 2019

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