Pre and Post Sales Engineer: technology to manage IoT/connected devices

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Boston, MA


Xtra Effort's new client is recognized as having the most complete and robust technology platform proven to help enterprises manage IoT/connected devices.

Dell, AWS, Microsoft, intel, IBM, DXC, and Splunk rely on our client to provide the required management layer for successful cloud based IoT/connected device solutions. They therefore provide our client with a lot of qualified introductions to enterprises, a terrific engine for growth.

Their first dedicated pre/post Sales Engineer hire is the outcome of this partner fueled growth.

Qualified candidates need to have hands-on competency with Linux and networking but otherwise are not required to code, etc. The technology's API's are mature and stable enough where coding is not required, although scripting skills (i.e., python) are desirable.

What is required is a true capacity to interpret a prospect's current business and technology workflow versus their desired future state (i.e., the ability to easily see and maintain IoT devices), and the ability to help the prospect create the technical configuration and business workflow to make the vision a realty.


Career Opportunity: Pre and Post Sales Engineer, Boston

Solution: Most complete end-to-end software solution to manage the Connected Device (IoT) value chain

Value to the market: proven means to simplify and scale the entire lifecycle management of connected devices and the integration of device data into upstream applications and services.


  • Operating for 7+ years
  • Management team has led four other companies through explosive growth and favorable acquisitions; including companies that were critical to successfully introducing networking, internet, and mobile technologies to industry
  • Has developed a solution to real problems, not merely marketing yet another IoT platform. Examples include easy means to easily onboard devices, enable zero touch deployment, rich software update management and seamless integration to essential enterprise platforms and services.
  • Partners: AWS, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, DXC, Splunk. Key partners are accounting for significant pipeline activity.

Why this company and role may interest you:

  • Tens of thousands of potential customers and an addressable market worth over $20B
  • An opportunity to join a company with a successful framework and resources for continued success and growth, but still early enough for you to make a strategic impact and be rewarded accordingly
  • An opportunity to learn from a very experienced and energetic leadership team


  • Identify prospects’ device management and data orchestration challenges
  • Collaborate with partners to develop and present joint value propositions and demonstrations; educate and sell value
  • Simulate a production solution by building and presenting demonstrations using customer devices
  • Create prospect-specific reference architecture, implementations and support frameworks
  • Lead customer on-boarding by facilitating the transition from sales prospect to customer
  • Represent the voice of the customer to provide input into every core product, marketing and sales process
  • 15% travel


Average Sales cycle: 6 months


Qualifications and Skills

  • 4 – 7 years of experience
  • Active listening skills
  • Become energized by being part of creating, implementing, and adjusting company best practices (including the ambiguity, challenges, and excitement associated with a smaller, high growth company).Does not need all the use cases, discovery questions, and messaging to be 100% defined in advance
  • Capable of understanding and articulating a prospect’s business and technical needs, and then presenting the product in manner that addresses the needs
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Passionate about successful POC’s and customer deployments
  • Bachelor's Degree in software engineering, computer science, information systems or related field
  • 3+ years’ experience in a Software Development, Sales Engineering or Customer Success, role
  • Strong competency with variety of Linux operating systems, embedded software and networking
  • Ability to work independently, but not in isolation
  • Ideally have experience with IoT, IT or OT monitoring, device and systems management software

Compensation: competitive salary, and an On Target Earnings that are almost 2x the salary, with no cap; benefits; equity


Posted On: Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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