Central and South American Sales Director, individual contributor role

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Miami, FL

Role: Central and South American Sales Director, individual contributor role

Candidates can reside in: Houston or Miami (south Florida)

Company value proposition: discovers all the NON-traditional IT networks within an industrial or utility complex and protects them.

What makes them special in plain English:

IT and Information Security executives are now also responsible to protect a plant, factory, or utility’s operational networks. A classic IT network security technology can’t interpret all the information it is sharing with the IT and cyber security teams, and the IT/Cyber security people don’t know enough about a utility, plant, or manufacturing operation to interpret either. The potential result withOUT our client’s technology:

  1. IT/Cyber security overlooks the opportunity to prevent catastrophic failure
  2. IT/Cyber security over react and cause major disruption over insignificant occurrences, i.e.,”false positives”

Our client’s software has the industrial and utility controls knowledge built into to interpret what needs attention (and where, etc.) and what does not. Now cyber security and IT executives are empowered to be effective in protecting non-IT, mission critical assets in a timely fashion. For the first time they have a technology that can support their budget, responsibility, and good intentions; and relieve them and their organizations of catastrophic risk.

Why the timing is right for this role and company:

  • The frequency and size of disruptive geo political events on mission critical facilities is greater than ever
  • Enterprises recognize the need to invest in protection
  • Our client’s technology is successfully deployed at globally recognized installations around the world (i.e., Coca Cola, Chevron, Pfizer, etc.), proven to add value
  • They have proven to be effective in deploying a slice of their protection offerings across an entire facility, and then expand their sales thereafter by offering several additional compelling technologies thereafter. Great opportunity for a “Land and expand” approach to reaching quota
  • They are experiencing considerable growth


Quota: $2m

Deal size: $500k to $3m+


  • $150k base salary
  • Aggressive commission structure
  • Competitive benefits
  • Equity

Required attributes in a suitable candidate:

  • Live in Houston or south Florida
  • Bilingual (Spanish and English), preferably also know Portuguese
  • Extensive experience selling through channel partners in Central and South America
  • Deep experience selling cyber security technology
  • Experience selling to utilities, and manufacturing and industrial companies
  • Experience, willingness, and ability to be directly involved in qualifying and closing accounts; and showing channel partners how to do the same; despite their having effective marketing support
  • An outbound orientation. Have the vision, creativity, and guts to create your own business plan and road map, and then execute accordingly. Not relying on a big brand name or corporate recipe to do this for you.
  • Intelligent and confident enough to be able to qualify accounts and provide a high level solution presentation without the assistance of Sales Engineers (despite their availability, 1:1 ratio between sales and sales engineering)


  • Founded 2014
  • Over $85m in VC funding
  • Awards for technology and entrepreneurial success, including recognition from Wall Street Journal, Gartner, and Frost and Sullivan
  • Partnerships: Cisco, Accenture, Siemens, Schneider, and Rockwell
  • Over 300 clients

Posted On: Thursday, December 13, 2018
Compensation: $150,000.00

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