Strategic Account Executive, SaaS Marketing Technology, Boston

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Boston, MA

Role: land and expand net new targeted logos, along with selling new ARR (annual recurring revenue) business to existing accounts. Although it is principally a new logo sales role.

SaaS offering: proven to help enterprises improve their revenue and reduce customer churn through improved mobile marketing; including predictive analytics, CRM integration, user tracking, A/B Testing, push messaging, personalization, campaign impact analytics, etc.

Location: Boston. Must spend 50% to 75%+- of your initial onboarding time at their downtown Boston office location (easily accessible by train and subway), and then less time required in their office as you prove yourself competent.

Travel: 30% to 50%, depending on how you choose to execute your campaigns, and the phase of your deal cycles


  • Super focusedtargeted selling to 10 accounts with profiles proven most likely to benefit from their SaaS solutions.
  • Additional targeted account selling to an additional 40+- accounts.
  • Most accounts will be in the Northeast or Mid Atlantic, but there will be frequent exceptions across the USA and Canada.

(Xtra Effort relationship: client’s VP of Sales and Director of HR)


  • $70m in funding
  • 6000 customers, includingZipCar, ESPN, Bose, NHL, A&E Networks, The Weather Channel, Fidelity and Comcast
  • A proven, professional CEO who is experienced in knowing what aspects of the company to invest and grow, and how and when.
  • The past 1.5 years have been dedicated to a focus on their enterprise solution offering’s further build out and refinement, and the related sales/marketing best practices to successfully win Fortune 1000 accounts; particularly within media/entertainment, retail, and financial service industries.They now have 200 enterprise accounts.
  • Have reached their quarterly sales targets q3 and q4 of 2018 and have a qualified pipeline to support the same results for q1 2019.
  • 85 employees



  • Base salary range: $130k to $160k
  • OTE range = $260k to $320k
  • Equity
  • Benefits

Quota: $1.5m+-

Deal Range: $8k to $200k ARR

Sales Support: sales engineering and Account Based Marketing support

Sample competitors:

  • Direct: Braze, (formerly Appboy); Leanplum; Urban Airship
  • Indirect: internal enterprise applications


Why they are reaching their sales goals:

  • Sales people have been effective in gaining a solid understanding of the value and specific business outcomes caused by their SaaS, and the specific types of business and industry that make the best fit. They have been researching companies with similar profiles and approaching their executive prospects with compelling/detailed/credible evidence of how the outcomes could be recreated for their business too. An example is securing ESPN’s business by sharing how another major network/content provider was effective in leveraging the “cord cutting trend”, resulting in millions in ROI.


  • Technology is uniquely suited for enterprise scale needs, i.e., the ability to seamlessly integrate with an enterprise’s, SAP, Adobe, etc. customer data repositories.


  • Robust channel relationship with, including dual compensation among field sales organizations for shared leads



  • Transparency in decision-making and status from the top down
  • Progressive, i.e., executives receive third party coaching services on how to best lead and make decisions. The coaching services will eventually also be rolled out to the rest of the company’s employees.
  • Sales team has significantly improved their collective confidence and respect from peer departments since the company right sized a year ago, hired a new CEO and VP of Sales, reached their quotas quarter over quarter, implemented an organized approach to sales execution, developed a credible forecasting process, and have been delivering high quality enterprise scale clients

Required candidate attributes:

  • Proven track record in selling marketing technology
  • Track record in reaching quota selling net new logos
  • SaaS sales experience
  • Enterprise sales skills

Start-up experience - OR - they have the below characteristics (they have a super supportive, pro sales, culture, but the inherent missionary nature of informing enterprises of newer concepts and a lesser known brand requires these characteristics)

>Intelligent and confident enough to independently research potentially relevant use cases and supportive stories before approaching a targeted account’s executive team

>Capable of asking good business questions, and can translate answers to create and credibly present use cases and related solutions; without 100% reliance on an additional domain expert (i.e., Sales Engineer)

>Can be autonomous and effective in getting it done

>Experienced in relying on your own thoughtful prospecting and targeted account selling as the primary means to develop new logos; and consider marketing and channel support to be supplemental

>Confident enough to perform high level solution demonstrations when required

>Accountable, energetic, resourceful, and results driven

Proof of Concepts: rarely performed. The demonstration process has proven to be enough. Exceptions may include when there is no competition and the criteria for POC success is straight forward.

Sales cycle: 6-9 months.

Deal size: $100k to $1m

Posted On: Friday, April 19, 2019
Compensation: $145,000.00

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