Business Development Representative,Boston

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Boston, MA

Role: downtown Boston, Sales Development Representative End Point Security Software sales.

Customer quotes: “… never seen enterprise endpoint security software so easy to deploy perform so well with zero performance impact …. Install and forget … super competent team of experts”


  • collaborative, egalitarian, everyone helps everyone, from the top down
  • passionate about creating a revolution in cyber-security
  • really different, no 'me too', not imitators, pioneer culture
  • continuous learning environment
  • value independence of thought and action -- run your own business
  • when in doubt, make someone laugh

VP of Sales quote: "The job itself is perfect for someone who wants to be a rising star. One way to look at it is they get to run their own business.-Account Executives get a chance to be a part of the core team, one of the trusted insiders, with B-round funding just completed, direct connection to technical, sales and marketing leadership. We represent and an exciting and credible story about revolutionary technology to inform prospects. In five years, virtually every PC will be protected with our technology"


Compensation: $50k base salary, commissions, equity

Competitive Advantages:

Technology proven to be an elegant, innovative, easy and simple way to provide the maximum protection available today to protect against the nastiest endpoint threats, i.e., Zero Day attacks, etc. It specifically protects the Operating System memory in a manner not otherwise available in the industry, where it confuses and traps the offending threat … with virtually no performance impact on the applications and devices … The rest of the cyber security industry’s solutions are comparatively much more complicated and less complete.


  • Financially stable
  • 1000% 2018 growth
  • Culture of not over promising value to customers
  • Favorably featured in WIRED Magazine, Gartner, Forbes, CSO, SecurityWeek, Fortune, RSA Conference, USA Today, PCWorld, Inc., and INFOWorld
  • Strong and proven ROI model
  • Progressive and committed to heavy investment in marketing and press releases that include industry thought leadership
  • Impressive partnerships with globally recognized technology companies
  • Weekly sales team lunches
  • Their clients serve as outstanding customer references
  • VP of Sales is experienced, pleasant, and super competent. He informed Xtra Effort that he loves being part of a truly disruptive and new (but proven) technology company that is not a "me too" product. He has a calm demeanor but states, “Success requires more than just blocking and tackling. It also requires a sufficient amount of passion to contribute to a sales culture of evangelizing a new best of breed product.”


Candidate criteria:

  • 6+ months of SDR experience
  • Experience with an enterprise IT infrastructure or cyber security technology company
  • High energy and curiosity
  • “Buttoned up” relative to adhering to established work and meetings schedule and showing up on time and prepared.


Sales Support:

  • Channel sales executive who has proven to be successful in creating lead flow from nationally recognized channel partners
  • Accomplished marketing organization


Posted On: Thursday, May 16, 2019
Compensation: 53,000

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