Director of Customer Service

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Hartford, CT

Position: Director of Customer Success

 Location: Hartford


-$100k+- base salary, depending on candidate experience and track record;

-20% annual bonus potential

-Excellent benefits package

 Solution offering:

  • Compliance, background checks, and several other services for drivers of motor carriers, employers and staffing firms
  • Outcome and value to customers: safety, reputation and financial performance.


 -Industry Leader

 -Have been super successful in developing large, nationally and internationally recognized customers with several thousand drivers


 -Funded by patient, experienced, and supportive investors with a long-term approach

 -Doubled revenue since 2011

 - 250 employees, including 160 at their Hartford office

 -World class refurbished, comfortable, and hip work facility

 -Over 40,000 customers

 -Culture: Optimistic, open to ideas, work hard/play hard, customer centric, and fun

 - Work environment: respectfully casual, i.e., leaders also work cubes, employees often wear jeans (no shorts), first name basis with leaders.

 -Xtra Effort introduced their current Director of Sales over three years ago. He is thriving and satisfied


Position reports to: Vice President. He has over twenty years of impressive experience, including eight with this Xtra Effort client, and has been recognized for successfully leading critical continuous improvement initiatives; helping drive growth, employee and customer satisfaction and retention, and revenue

Position’s charter: creating the processes, structure, and team to insure customers are sufficiently informed of the potential value of the relationship via additional services, resulting in more satisfied customers and greater revenue per client

Short term responsibility: assess current Account Management organization’s structure, ratio of assigned customers to Account Manager, performance metrics, account manager suitability for the role (including their fit for other roles within the company), customer communication cadence, customer messaging, proactive account review process, etc.; and apply leadership experience and analytical skills to optimize the Customer Success operation … in a manner that insures results without excessive disruption to productivity and team morale

 Ongoing responsibility: develop industry knowledge and internal relationships with executive peers required for:


  • Continuous recognition of where and when new best practices should be introduced
  • A seamless and highly productive relationship with the Sales and Customer Service functions
  • An organization that is acutely focused on reaching challenging but viable growth objectives related to customer retention, services adoption, and average revenue-per-customer
  • An organization that is recognized and respected for its contribution to company’s strategic objectives
  • Insuring the company’s current extra ordinary success with customer satisfaction via proven surveying continues to achieve best-in-class results


Candidate criteria:

  • Leadership experience assessing and improving a Customer Success/Account Management organization’s performance relative to proactive customer outreach, average revenue per customer, solution adoption by customer, and customer retention
  • Leadership experience in a Customer Success/Account Management role for

    B2B companies with subscription, recurring revenue models (preferably one that does NOT have contractual customer commitments)

  • A track record for longevity with employers. Not too much job hopping
  • Reside less than a 60-minute commute from Hartford


Direct reports: manage 10 Account Managers, some of whom are currently focused on eight+- larger enterprise accounts. A customer’s revenue potential is a function of the number of drivers






Posted On: Thursday, July 25, 2019
Compensation: $100,000.00

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