Enterprise Account Executive

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - New York, NY

Role: NY Enterprise Sales Executive, sell to targeted accounts in the Northeast and East, with New York being the biggest market opportunity.Target markets include financial services, banks, insurance, telecom, transportation (including airlines) and logistics

Technology Solution: analytics to identify performance issues for mission applications, including the entire support stack, i.e., data centers, and on premise and hybrid cloud applications.

Unique advantages: only technology company with proven to ability to discover performance threats before they occur, particularly across the entire stack, i.e., data center, compute, applications, clusters, networks, data storage, replication, databases, etc. This is different than APM tools that monitor for issues after they surface; and it is different than point solutions who are typically dedicated to the network only, or database only, or code only, etc.

Deal Range: $100k to $1.5m; average deal $250k+-

Sales Cycle: 6-12 months, including paid proof-of-concepts that scan a portion of the prospect’s applications and supporting infrastructure to demonstrate undeniable and big ROI


  • $120k to $140k+- base salary, $240k to $280k+- On Target Earnings. Very aggressive commission structure during new sale hire’s year one ramp period.
  • Equity.
  • Competitive benefits

Quota: $1.5m

Sample clients:US Bank, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, UPS, Bank of America, Citi, JP Morgan, State Street

Sales support:

  • Marketing support
  • Dedicated New York based Sales Engineer
  • Super strong client references



  • 10+ years in business
  • Profitable, financially strong
  • Growing
  • Global



  • Employee contributions are recognized and appreciated from the top down
  • Executives are recognized for their support of sales, product development, and customer success.They are available to help
  • Profitable and stable, but have the excitement and agility of a start-up with can-do attitude

Candidate Criteria:

  • Recent experience surpassing quota
  • Recent experience selling IT infrastructure solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, preferably within the financial services, banks, insurance, telecom, transportation airlines) and logistics verticals
  • Experience selling to VP of IT infrastructure, not bottoms up point solution selling
  • Experience selling $500k+ deals
  • Experienced meeting quota mostly through net new account selling
  • Experienced generating a good portion of your pipeline through prospecting, and consider leads from marketing and inside sales to be only supplemental to your own efforts
  • Infrequent job changes, i.e., average tenure of 2.5+ years per job


Posted On: Monday, February 18, 2019
Compensation: $135,000.00

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