Strategic Account Executive, NY

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - New York, NY

Role: senior sales professional, individual contributor, hunting within very large existing customers (over 15,000 employees)

Locations: NY and Boston

(Xtra Effort’s client relationships: sales leader, and the leader of talent acquisition)

Solution: cloud platform proven to help its customers diagnose, automate, improve, and measure work productivity on a continuous basis; produce obvious and significant ROI. Eliminate repeatable, manual tasks. It is particularly effective for the countless amounts of manual tasks outside of – and in between - core purpose-built SaaS applications

Use Cases: marketing automation, sales enablement, sales operations, new employee and customer onboarding, employee management and communications

Territory: 15 – 20 named strategic customer accounts (each with 15,000+ employees) in the Northeast

Deal size: annual subscription of $20k to $100k

Quota: $1m in ARR SaaS subscription, and $250k in professional services (commissionable)

Travel: Maine to NJ

Sales Support:

  • 1:3 sales engineering to sales ratio (SE’s located in the Northeast)
  • Inside sales support
  • Corporate and field marketing: big investment in brand awareness

Field sales organization: 25 in the USA, with 5+- per region (including this Northeast region)


  • $130k+- salary, $260k+- OTE (depends on track record, quality of the interviews, fit)
  • Aggressive accelerators and spiffs
  • Better performers are earning $500k+
  • President’s Club trips, i.e., Hawaii
  • RSU’s; a stock purchase plan (4 year vesting)
  • 401k plan
  • Robust vacation, sick, holiday, and paid parental leave program
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision … with FULLY PAID PREMIUMS



  • Global
  • Documented Leader by top analyst firm, but still only has 1% of the market. Displacing spreadsheets remains their biggest competitor, despite the huge tailwind of support with market buzz for their segment
  • Sample customers: Whirlpool, Cisco, Roche, Colliers, InterContinental Hotels, Ogilvy, Bher
  • Publicly held
  • Over $250m in annual revenue
  • Over 1350 employees (less than a few hundred just five years ago)
  • 4000 attendees at a recent user conference (up from 1000 just a few years ago)
  • Very strong associate retention (hiring manager has been with the company for almost 4 years)
  • Over 90% of the Fortune 100 are existing clients; over 70% of the Fortune 500 are customers
  • 15 years in business
  • Culture: supportive, respectful, honest, driven, innovative, agile, nimble, collective desire to win
  • Awards for Diversity, Best places to Work, Work-Life Balance

Why you may find the company and role to be attractive:

  • Competent, stable, and proven sales leadership team
  • Technology rated to be best in class by top analyst firm
  • Company is big enough to be stable and financially solid, and yet has a growth trajectory for ample career opportunities. Company is small enough for your contributions to be visible and appreciated by the top
  • Market segment has proven to be hot and growing
  • You will have a chance to hunt into large existing client accounts where your brand has some type of footprint
  • A lot of fun to sell: IF you can truly “Solution Sale”, i.e., not expect your client to initially see a platform’s value to specific business functions or buy on your brand alone; but you have the business acumen, curiosity, and drive to help them discover the huge ROI potential behind suggested automation.

    Required qualities in suitable candidates:

  • The salesperson needs to lead the discourse at a functional level. (Don’t expect to simply leverage your big brand, provide a PowerPoint presentation of your company overview and platform … and then expect your prospect to figure it out with your sales engineers); Sales Engineers are available to assist on API’s, data integration, custom demonstrations, etc.;


  • You have a history of selling a mix of $25k, $50k, and $100k deals across several accounts to reach $1m quota; elephant hunters should NOT apply for this role
  • You have experience selling to business stakeholders, not exclusively to IT
  • You have a stable career history, have not changed employers too frequently
  • You have a track record of reaching/surpassing quota
  • Experience expanding an existing footprint into existing clients
  • You are OK with traveling to Boston from NY, or vice versa
  • Experienced with face to face selling

Highly preferred qualities in suitable candidates:

  • Have experience selling a platform, (i.e., SOA, BPM, BI, data warehouse, analytics, workflow, etc.) where the salesperson needs to lead the “digging in” process with customers to identify meaningful use cases with substantial ROI.
  • Experience is not primarily limited to one vertical, i.e., banking or life sciences only



Posted On: Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Compensation: $130,000.00

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