Enterprise Sales, West Coast

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Seattle, LA, San Fran, CA, WA

Role: Enterprise sales, San Francisco; Southern, CA; or Seattle

Solution: data science PaaS that helps enterprises more easily create and deploy real-time machine learning applications at massive scale, enabling them to reduce the time and cost associated with achieving decision science goals

Compensation: $300k+- On Target Earnings, 50% salary, equity, competitive benefits


Competitive advantages:

  • Most complete, end-to-end platform for machine learning application development and deployment. Only technology to operationalize machine learning
  • Very open and easy to integrate with all technologies and types of information, i.e., online data, offline data, time series data, streaming, multiple variations of python
  • Kubernates based services to easily collect data in a secure and scalable manner
  • Performs with massive scale
  • Can be deployed anywhere, i.e., on-prem, cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.)



  • Over $70m in funding
  • 5 years in business
  • Team member Executives, engineers, and business leaders from Akamai, Informatica, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, A10 Networks, VMware,
  • Sample clients: Payoneer, Verizon, Bosch, Google Cloud, Samsung
  • Partnering with Nvidia, Dell, Cisco, NetApp and resellers such as ePlus, Insight, Trace3

Required candidate attributes:

  • Small company experience, including prospecting and closing net new accounts, and developing/strengthening key partner and alliance relationships for lead generation through education
  • Sales background with analytic technologies, or previous technical background to enable candidate to learn analytic technologies
  • Capable of contributing to best sales practices (not having an exact sales recipe for success issued to them)
  • Experienced in evangelizing lesser known brands


Sales Support:

  • Sales Engineering
  • Lead generation team, making outbound calls to lists of prospects and qualifying trade show leads opportunities.

 Sales cycle: 3-6 months (108 days for day of eval to win); Customers pay for POC's

Quota: $2m

Deal Range: $120k to $500k


Posted On: Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Compensation: $150,000.00

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