Senior Manager, Customer Success

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA

Title: Customer Success Leader

Solution offering: cloud technology to enable enterprises to disseminate and receive sensitive files outside the corporate infrastructure with third parties in an effortless and highly secure manner.This functionality is required to securely conduct business in a productive manner when sharing:

  • Financials/Financial Services, and legal information; i.e., accounting, securities, M&A, etc.
  • Intellectual property; i.e., product specifications and designs, creative product designs, CAD files, etc.
  • Healthcare; i.e., patient information, etc.
  • Client information

Clarification: this technology does NOT compete with Slack, Box, etc., but instead, secures them

Competitive advantages:

  • Designed for the cloud, and hence easy and secure browser-based user access
  • Supports all File and cloud infrastructures, i.e.,not limited to AWS, Azure, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Easy to bake into any application
  • Proven to be most effective to administrate and support

Role’s work location: headquarters’ office, in Palo Alto


  • Join as a player coach
  • Hire a team
  • Eventually transition to a dedicated leader
  • Implement, document, and drive adoption of best Customer Success practices
  • Establish relationships with Sales, Customer Service, Engineering, and Marketing
  • Implement Customer Success and NPS SaaS


Role is measured by renewals, net customer base revenue $ growth, and customer satisfaction (NPS scores, etc.)



  • Competitive salary and performance-based compensation (70/30 mix)
  • Equity
  • Attractive benefits

Role reports to CEO (Xtra Effort’s client contact)

Career path: as the company grows, there will be an opportunity to oversee Customer Success, Customer Support, and Professional Services



  • 80 employees
  • 80 customers, and growing monthly
  • Partners include Dropbox, Cisco, Box, and major integrators and consulting firms
  • 75% annual growth
  • Lead by executives who have taken other companies public and developed globally recognized technology brands
  • Over $11m in revenue
  • Over $45m in funding
  • 5 years in operation, including two+ with product availability and an established team and funding (so $10m+ in revenue in just two years is impressive)
  • A culture that has intense collective focus on the required innovation, sales, and service to establish itself as a leader in enabling file security for shared mission critical information


The required profile of a suitable candidate:

  • Resides in a location that can a support daily commute to their Palo Alto HQ
  • Proven experience creating and expanding a Customer Success organization, including the recruiting of a team
  • Employment experience with any of the following vendor types: IT infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, cloud data storage, file management, or DevOps
  • Ideally have DLP or CASB experience
  • Willingness to travel when required


Posted On: Thursday, June 20, 2019
Compensation: competitive

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